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When in college, one comes to a point in time where they have to make grown up moves and leave the dorms. Naturally living with roomies is cheaper. BUT living with the wrong roomies, like your friends, could end badly!

My advise to you… if you are planning on living with friends, say with them for a week or maybe two. ONLY get a place that everyone has their own lease, so that if they dont make their share of rent, you dont have to pay it for them. and NEVER put all of the group bills, like gas and electric in only your name. They need to be responsibility too! And dont be the one that supplies everything in terms or a sofa, dishes, tvs ect.

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Greece: smooth skin

  • To hydrate and smooth your skin, combine plain, unflavored yogurt mixed with ground almonds to your face as a paste. Rise off with rosewater and your face should be hydrated, smooth and moisturized. The best part is, all these ingredients can be found in your kitchen or at…

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Hi Ladies, Sorry I havent been on posting things in a while… things have been crazy this Christmas break. And now that Im getting ready to go back to school next week I will have more time to devote to this blog again. In the mean time… I’ll be dealing with my dumb ass roomie¬† who thinks its funny to move my shit while Im not home. So tonight when she goes out dancing I will be taking all of the things that I bought for us all to use and hoard them away- You want my shit outta the community space, k, Ill move ALL of my shit out and you can use ANY OF IT! Bitch!

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Aww thank you!! :D

Beauty Tip #11

Exfoliate at night, so fresh skin isn’t exposed to UV rays during the daytime.

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