Broken Makeup

You know when your on your last leg with makeup? Its about to shatter into a million pieces in its little container, but theres too much to just throw it away and you LOVE the color. But they you drop it, and blush goes everywhere. Well If you get a little plastic cup or bowl and put all of the  powder in it then put a tiny bit of rubbing alcohol in it and make a paste with it. Then mix it really well and using a butter knife put the paste back in it original container, make it even. Then place a paper towel or a napkin on it to imprint a pretty design and put the lid back on. Let it sit for about 5 or 6 hours. Come back and remove the paper towel and it should be as good as new well of course its going to be a lot less full but its still going to get the job done :D

Nail Tip #3

This Christmas season everyone seems to be doing a lot of fun nail glam with glitter. As every girl who has ever tried to take off glitter nail polish knows, its damn near impossible and sometimes very painful to get those pesky shiny specks off your claws. I have found the solution.

1. Take a cotton ball and get lots of nailpolish remover on it.

2. Take a small square of tin-foil and wrap both the tip of your finger and the cotton ball to look like you are wearing a thimble on each of your fingers.

(Its best to do only one hand at a time.)

3. After five minutes squeeze and pull the tinfoil wrapped cotton ball off of your fingers. Wa-la!

4. Next hand please.

Nail Tip #2 

1. Manicure - Mix one cup of warm water and the juice of one-half lemon. Soak your fingertips for five minutes. Rinse and pat dry, pushing back cuticles. Rub lemon peel against your nails, back and forth vigorously. Finish by buffing with a soft cloth. Turns out looking professional, only with less chemicals.

2. Your nail polish will always be smooth and easy to apply it you store it in the refrigerator. Frosted nail polish will not separate. However, if it has hardened or is gummy, place the bottle in a pan of boiling water. The polish will be like new.

3. If boiling nail polish doesn’t help, you can always pour a little bit of nail polish remover into it to help thin it out. Do this over a sink though, it can get messy.

Beauty Tip #10

This one goes with beauty tip # 8. Im telling you, Im a freak with vaseline.

1. Oily skin holds perfume scents longer than dry skin. So, before applying perfume, rub a very thin layer of Vaseline or petroleum jelly on your skin and you will smell delicious for hours.

2. Create your own tinted lip gloss. Simply mix any of your favorite lipsticks with a dab of Vaseline. 

Trust me there will be more of these. I have soo many uses for this stuff its unreal. They all work. I just cant think of anything else right now.

Beauty Tip #9

These are some crazy little beauty tricks I’ve stumbled onto and figured I would share. Ive never tired the 4th one. But I think I will later this week :) Enjoy

1. A little bit of red or orange in the center of the lips makes them look fuller.

2. To make the whites of your eyes look brighter, use a light blue pencil under the eyes. Blue eye shadow lightly applied under the eyes works just as well.

3. To raise the ph level of shampoo, add aspirin to it— this also helps with dandruff.

4. The best leave-in conditioner for your hair is nothing other than laundry room fabric softener. It’s very strong, so be sure to dilute it. Suggestions: 1 cup water, 1/2 cup fabric softener.

5. To remove the redness from pimples, rub a tiny spot of Visine on the pimple.

Nail Tip #1

Want long nails, but they always seem to break or you have a nasty habbit of chewing on them? Here is a few home remedies to help fix that without paying 30+ bucks to get fake nails that can actually do a lot of damage to you claws:

1. Combine three tablespoons of olive oil and one tablespoon of lemon juice. Soak the nails in this mixture for ten minutes and then dry them with a towel. This is the best home remedy that one can adopt to strengthen and grow the nails fast.

2. Dig into foods that are rich in Vitamin A, E, B2, B12, C, D, proteins, iron, and calcium. Consume a wide variety of fruits, leafy vegetables, and nuts for not just great skin but also sparkly nails. Plus, for proper nail development drink lots of water throughout the day.

3. To regain the natural sheen of the nails, rub a slice of lemon over them gently for few minutes and then rinse with water.

4. Also soaking your nails in jello (before it sets up, but after the hot water has cooled a little) helps your nails not only grow stronger, but also longer faster.

5. Drink lots of milk. Calcium is key for healthy bone and nails.

Fashion Tip #1

Stinky feet/shoes??

Easy fix: after you take your shoes off, put some baby powder in them. Or you can also put baking soda in them. It absorbs the icky moisture annd the sent. The next day, dump out all of the powder and wipe out with a baby wipe. Should be good for a while. But you should probably start wearing socks. lol

Beauty Tip #8

Ok… Im kind of a freak about Vaseline (I personally use a thing called Bag Balm, comes in a green tin and last FOREVER!). And I have found like a billion uses for it over the years. So here are my little tips on things you guys can do before bed to insure your looking fresh in the morning. 

1. But a little bit on your eye lashes, it helps them grow over time, and heals the damage from all the crap you put on them the next day.

2. Put lotion on your feet then put on some vaseline on them. Just enough to make them sticky, and then put socks on. You will wake up with silky smooth feet. Also very good for your hands and elbows.

3. After you are done brushing your teeth rinse off all of the toothpaste and then gently brush your teeth with your toothbrush. Then put Vaseline on your lips. You will wake up with super smooth lips.

Ok, I have finals tomorrow and a couple other days this week so I wont be posting much more until Christmas break. hope this one was helpful for you guys to beat the dry winter air.

Anything you guys are curious about that I could possibly help with?? Im not really sure what else to blog about. Gimmie ideas?!?

Beauty Tip #6

Need a cheap and more natural way of getting that nasty make up off? Instead of going and buying eye makeup remover for $10+ go to your kitchen. Extra Virgin Olive Oil is your new best friend (Or baby oil). Both remove nasty make up like mascara and eyeliner, while moisturizing your skin (I recommend you wash with baby soap before and after doing this to make sure you get as much makeup off as possible).

Need a natural less chemically based (I mean who really knows what Red B4 is any way?) exfoliate? Take a teaspoon of salt and a table spoon of extra virgin olive oil. Mix together in a paste-y consistency and smeer on your face, hands, legs, whole body if you want too. I mean if you do your whole body your gonna need to mix a little more. Then rinse with warm water. Only do this after washing face to get make up off. Remember to rub in small gentle circles. Always make your circles go up your face. Prevents your skin from getting saggy when you are older annnnd it helps stimulate the blood flow, causing a natural glow.

I only recommend you doing the second part of this tip once or twice a week just like all exfoliates so you dont damage skin too much. 

Beauty Tip #5

Skinny is beautiful.

But so is, healthy, thick, round and curvy. It doesnt matter what is on the outside, its who is on the inside. Who is behind those pretty eyes? No amount of laxatives, forced vomit or starving is going to make you beautiful unless you look deeper than your skin. And by deeper, I dont mean into your fat rolls. Most girls think they look fat, but really they look healthy.

When you are eating a well balanced diet your skin and hair literally GLOWS. Your nails naturally grow and look beautiful. You feel amazing, sleep is literally the second best thing for you. No one thinks that an 85lbs girl is sexy if her natural weight is suppose to be around 105 or more.

Personally, I am about 102 (depending on my water intake.. usually I weigh less) and I wish so much that I could gain weight. I want curves. I want boobs. You cant have either of those if you only have .5% body fat.

Life is about enjoying everything. Not stressing that you are going to gain a pound by enjoying something your body is literally DYING to have. Sickly isnt sexy. Healthy is.

Life is too short to not enjoy it. Who wants to miss out on all of the amazing adventures that food has to offer?

Beauty Tip #4

If you have crazy staticy hair due to the cold winter air this tip is for you:

Style your hair how ever you want, make sure it is totally brushed out and there are no knots. Once you get your hair looking how you want it, take some lotion (literally like 2 or three tear drop size dots will be plenty) rub in the palms of your hands and then run your fingers through your hair. ONLY THE ENDS. Do not put lotion at the roots of your hair otherwise your hair will be greesy looking and you will have to shower again which will just dry your hair out ever more.

Also if you take your brush and spray some hair spray on it before you start brushing your locks out you will have a little more control and texture over those staticy strays.

Beauty Tip #3 

Always put eyeliner and eye shadow on BEFORE mascara. Other wise your lashes will clump up or get a weird shine from the falling powder on them. Plus it looks fresher. If you are out of the eye liner of your choice, take the smallest tipped makeup brush you have and put just a tiny bit of water on it… then run it through your eye shadow and apply as eyeliner. It much easier to wash off then the pencil or liquid eyeliner and in my opinion it looks cleaner.

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