Beauty Tip #11

Exfoliate at night, so fresh skin isn’t exposed to UV rays during the daytime.

Fashion Tip #1

Stinky feet/shoes??

Easy fix: after you take your shoes off, put some baby powder in them. Or you can also put baking soda in them. It absorbs the icky moisture annd the sent. The next day, dump out all of the powder and wipe out with a baby wipe. Should be good for a while. But you should probably start wearing socks. lol

Beauty Tip #6

Need a cheap and more natural way of getting that nasty make up off? Instead of going and buying eye makeup remover for $10+ go to your kitchen. Extra Virgin Olive Oil is your new best friend (Or baby oil). Both remove nasty make up like mascara and eyeliner, while moisturizing your skin (I recommend you wash with baby soap before and after doing this to make sure you get as much makeup off as possible).

Need a natural less chemically based (I mean who really knows what Red B4 is any way?) exfoliate? Take a teaspoon of salt and a table spoon of extra virgin olive oil. Mix together in a paste-y consistency and smeer on your face, hands, legs, whole body if you want too. I mean if you do your whole body your gonna need to mix a little more. Then rinse with warm water. Only do this after washing face to get make up off. Remember to rub in small gentle circles. Always make your circles go up your face. Prevents your skin from getting saggy when you are older annnnd it helps stimulate the blood flow, causing a natural glow.

I only recommend you doing the second part of this tip once or twice a week just like all exfoliates so you dont damage skin too much. 

Beauty Tip #4

If you have crazy staticy hair due to the cold winter air this tip is for you:

Style your hair how ever you want, make sure it is totally brushed out and there are no knots. Once you get your hair looking how you want it, take some lotion (literally like 2 or three tear drop size dots will be plenty) rub in the palms of your hands and then run your fingers through your hair. ONLY THE ENDS. Do not put lotion at the roots of your hair otherwise your hair will be greesy looking and you will have to shower again which will just dry your hair out ever more.

Also if you take your brush and spray some hair spray on it before you start brushing your locks out you will have a little more control and texture over those staticy strays.

Beauty Tip #3 

Always put eyeliner and eye shadow on BEFORE mascara. Other wise your lashes will clump up or get a weird shine from the falling powder on them. Plus it looks fresher. If you are out of the eye liner of your choice, take the smallest tipped makeup brush you have and put just a tiny bit of water on it… then run it through your eye shadow and apply as eyeliner. It much easier to wash off then the pencil or liquid eyeliner and in my opinion it looks cleaner.

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